Light Curtains

Alternative to traditional security devices, BMR offers a full package to install security light curtains on your sites.

What is a light curtain?

As an alternative to mechanical safety barriers, which have been used for many years in factories, these curtains use infrared technology. An infrared signal will detect any abnormal presence in the danger zone and will then automatically launch the procedure to stop the concerned machines in order to avoid an imminent accident.

BMR and light curtains

As a partner of the industry, BMR proposes a full package to install those light curtains. Our team will move directly on-site to supply, install and adapt those curtains.

Our process

Blueprint reception

Blueprint reception in order to find the most adapted solutions case by case

On-site intervention

Our team will intervene directly on your site


Disassembly of the former curtain/security device


Our team installs the new light curtains


Our teams will adapt each curtain to every specific characteristic of each factories to ensure their optimal functioning

Compliance with standards

Our team will ensure that the light curtains fully comply with the current standards


Our team will then set the light curtains so that they can work fully with the security systems of the factory.


Finally, our teams will test rigorously if the curtains are fully working.