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Spinner nose


Oven chain



Spinner nose


Transfer arm


Oven chain


Example of customized parts

Preform change

Our engineering team can help you develop any necessary customized parts from changing one preform to another. With our equipments and our savoir-faire, our technicians will maintain all required OEM specifications

Avec son équipement et son savoir-faire, l’équipe de techniciens de BMR conservera toutes les spécifications OEM requises.



Oven chain


Customized BMR parts

Our technicians can develop, manufacture and customized any type of KHS machines parts (some example are hereby illustrated)

Based on preform differences, BMR will offer to replace a part with the appropriated components in order to avoid any useless spendings.

Our technicians will also analyse all of our components in 3D in order to offer alternative solutions resulting from a preform/bottle change.



-The tip of the teeths wears out prematurely

-Stainless steel: 30 Rc

-3 teeths conception

-Flat end design (as indicated)




– Hardened tips for better wear resistance.

-Hardened stainless steel : 50-55 Rc

-5 teeths conception offering better support

-Sharp end conception (as indicated)

-Other solutions available for aggressive CIP processes


Possible improvement on machines : Arol, Alcoa, Zalkin, Linker, Krones, KHS


Guidance system for SIDEL/GIRONDINE


-Increased shaft durability : 65 Rc (better wear resistance)
-Conception offers a full shaft and pipes guidance
-Close tolerance manufacture with low friction surfaces
-The ring can be quickly and easily replaced
-Less maintenance and longer lifetime leading to cost savings