Our commitments

Healthy policies and a healthy environment for a healthy growth

Our commitments allow us to maintain the balance between a healthy environment and productivity.


Ecology is the main issue of the start of the century. It is important nowadays to reduce energy emissions as much as possible in order to limit global warming. This is why BMR commits itself to reduce at its level the environmental impact of the industry.

Our CSR commitment

BMR is one of the French key players in the industry. As a partner to our customers, we are committed to serve them better and better by offering them quality products and services, as close as possible to their needs.

The components developed and recommended by our teams are maintained and repaired in our workshops in order to achieve an almost perpetual circular economy. BMR’s model of industrial excellence places its environmental and social commitments at the heart of its strategy.

Proud of its ambitions and values, BMR affirms its vocation to support its customers in the deep industrial, economic and environmental changes and commits to act as an exemplary, conscious, transparent, innovative and proactive partner at each stage of its value chain and towards all its stakeholders.

Developing and protecting BMR’s human capital, increasing its contribution to the economic and social development of local communities while controlling its environmental impact and promoting the circular economy: BMR acts in a sustainable and responsible manner in everyday life.

BMR, ecological and cost-saving solutions

Thanks to BMR’s innovations, our customers have been able to reduce their energy emissions, as well as their spendings.

High pressure valves use less air than other valves in order to work fully. Thanks to that, our customers save some money as less air is consumed:

1 m3

of air saved



(Savings realized over the year 2020 by all our customers using high pressure valves)