Common Questions

During the economical crisis of 2008, Benjamin Moussion observed that some technical problems remained unsolved, especially in the glass industry. Those problems were not supported by big companies, as it was considered as a niche market. As an engineer, he then went to the factories by himself, and instead of presenting a full catalogue of parts, he decided to propose his services to solve those problems directly, with an obligation of results in order to get the trust of the main actors of the glass industry.

Seeing that this approach is working, Benjamin Moussion decided to found his own company the following year: BMR, standing for Benjamin Moussion Résultat. The company is based around a simple approach : “if you have a technical problem, we will find the best solution with a defined objective. If this objective is not achieved, we go back to analysis to reach the given goals.”

BMR’s nowadays position has shown that this approach is effective

Specialised in the glass industry, Benjamin Moussion canvass every glass factory, and by collecting information on the problems and on how to resolve them, he develops different products without charging for the developing time, in order to keep his savoir-faire. Every basic component answers to a defined usage or problem of a factory, problems that can then be transposed to other components. Starting from one part, there are now thousands of specific references inside our catalogue.

Why trust BMR to gain a financial advantage?

BMR commits itself to offer results. If they are yet to be achieved, our team will continue to work on the given problem until it’s solved. As we have grown, beside the technical aspect, the purchase/resale activity has been developed in order to, at the end, be able to supply every machine part. The financial objectives, being linked to the usage of machines, consist of decreasing maintenance interventions, leading to less downtime, which in itself results in an increase of the production, without neglecting quality. BMR takes great care with the various components to avoid the ejection of finished products due to any kind of defect.

As companies are always looking to reduce their cost of production, importance has been given to the purchase/resale activity as well, in order to offer a full support to their technical needs, especially around components that are well-known to us as we are able to recondition them in our workshops. The price and the logistics are then fully optimised. This is a win-win strategy as the more volume BMR deals with, the lower the costs will be for our partners.

L’accent est également mis sur les achats, car les grands groupes, comme les petits, cherchent en permanence à réduire leurs coûts de production, et nous leur proposons un package pour répondre à leurs besoins techniques autour de composants que l’on maîtrise pour pouvoir les réparer en interne. Le prix et la logistique sont ainsi optimisées. Une stratégie gagnant/gagnant, car plus de volume pour BMR, et des coûts plus bas pour ses partenaires.

Today, BMR is fully implanted in France, but our goal is to widen our field of action.

Our strategy consists of exporting our activities. This begins with the Spanish, Italian, Helvetic and German markets, and to a larger extent around the world… However, we also want to carry our development in France on with our partners before offering our technical solutions abroad, while keeping in mind that, in the end, the goal is to have present entities in most countries.

Being a small company, BMR prioritizes trust towards young graduates in order to train them about the specificities of the glass/PET industries. We are increasingly cultivating this spirit of business, technical and then engineering discovery. BMR is devoted to giving chances to the youth that is motivated to learn technical skills, and that wants to participate in the development of a small company… in order to become specialists in this field.

BMR was created in 2009 to satisfy the needs of the glass industry, and has widened its activities to the PET industry in 2015. In 2021, Glass represented 71% of the company’s activities, while PET represented 29%. The year before, this ratio was 78/22%.

BMR's structure does not allow today to develop everything internally. The company, then, outsources some activities to some local companies. However, BMR wishes to increase its autonomy, either by investing in its machines, or by buying other structures, particularly machining and surface treating companies, adding our needs to the existing markets of those companies.

Question? Ask us everything!

Contact-us if you have any questions about BMR’s activities. We will do our best to answer them in the shortest of delays.