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High-flow aluminum blowgun

Replace existing system of mold blowing. Efficient, robust, light, easy to hold pressed, economic, ergonomic.

Options : extended handle and lateral blowing



21 and 26 tracks block valve cartridges

Anodised aluminum Block Valve cartridge with easy to assemble/disassemble clap system

Fits in place, efficient, reliable, robust.



SNABB Seaman valve

Valve for compressed air, water and other gas or liquid fluids pipes.

Easy to use, reduced maintenance, easy to operate even by cold weather and up to 15 bars, secure and economic system, direct and instantaneous fluid flow.



Supply and reconditioning of every solenoid valve used in the Glass industry.

Flow limiter.

Valve regulating fluids flow proportionally, very precisely according to the setting applied on the rod.
In-line assembly, unlosable needle, setting blocked by lock nut or spring, body in brass or aluminum.


Piloted regulator and maintenance kit

Act like a flow limiter, but impacts pressure instead of impacting flow. 
Optimal assembly, non required accessibility, can be installed where it fits the most, the piloting can be adapted to a pneumatic usage, electrical usage…

Supply and manufacture of customized hoses

According to the technical problems encountered.


Vacuum hose

Manufacturing of vacuum hoses.

Their strength is in the possibility to reuse the tips, to manufacture customized hoses, plug and play, and the savings made by using these products.

Stacker rods / pushing device

Mechanical elements wrapped in stainless steel braids that allows it to move by contact hot glass components in the desired direction


Graphite fingers


Stainless steel braids and strips

The stainless steel braids and strips are particularly used for any contact with hot glass by pushing devices, stackers and ATC fingers

Metric and inch pipes

Supply of pipes of any type : copper, stainless steel or electro galvanized steel


Metric and inch fittings

Steel, stainless steel, brass, any threads and any diameters, every norm, every fluid… BMR has every solution according to your needs.

Springs and slats

Manufacturing of customized slats and springs of mold ring. Fits in place of OEM versions.


Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers of translation movements.
Used to close molds and to slow down the stroke so that the stop contact can be less violent.
BMR also offers a reconditioning service for optimal usage.






Fork template
-XC35 Steel
– +/- 0.1mm general tolerance
– 5MM thick
With the following dimensions:
Cote A 55.30 +0/-0.05 – Cote B 56.90 +0/-0.05 – Qt : 2
Cote A 54.50 +0/-0.05 – Cote B 59.80 +0/-0.05 – Qt : 1
Cote A 57.20 +0/-0.05 – Cote B 59.80 +0/-0.05 – Qt : 2
Cote A 60.60 +0/-0.05 – Cote B 63.20 +0/-0.05 – Qt : 1



Funnel-holding arm

3 Position emergency stoppage button

Standard button equipped with a 40mm diameter red mushroom button. An option is available to replace the button by a 26mm red anodised aluminium button.


Control panel for IS machines solenoid valves

The control panel works as a connection splitter in order to link cables with a cylinder connector to the solenoid valves’ heads. Originally with a PCB, micro soldering and micro connectors, BMR replaces everything with only 2 forks connectors that are more resistant and are directly linked to a single cylinder connector.


Reinforced beams

BMR can manufacture any type of electrical beams and of high voltage potayage. Our products offer greater mechanical and heat resistance in order to increase their lifetime.

Ejection specific double rod cylinder

The ejection specific double rod cylinder allows sending a glass drop to the basement in case of interventions needed on a section. It is fully interchangeable with OEM cylinders.

This aluminum/steel cylinder designed and developed by BMR offers longer and more robust guidance rods, can take stronger impacts and radial effects, and has a longer lifetime.

Options available : longer stroke, addition of through rods to increase radial shocks resistance, addition of a protection case if through rods are used, support pallet.


Rodless cylinder

Rodless cylinder. Diameter 50, stroke 2400mm, PLR 50 with two guidance trolleys and 410 mm extra length rails on one side. Can be identically reproduced with a stronger roller.

Innovative solutions

BMR is also specialized in the on-site installation of light curtains.

This security device uses infrared beams that allow mechanical elements to go through and prohibit the passage of humans.

Innovative security options for every situations.

Flaps, tightening valves, manual valves….

In order to answer to all of our customers’ needs, BMR has a wide range of components adapted to specific liquids (corrosive for exemple) or gas/oxygen.

Glassmold 3H

Glassmold 3H is a greasing component formulated with highly refined base oils, synthetic graphite, sulfur and additives.

Glassmold 3H grease has been developed particularly for roughing mould, but can also be used in every part of moulding, including on the ending mold side. It can also be used in the production of glassware.


Oils and greases

BMR supplies any time of lubricants and greases that are needed to ensure the proper functioning of the machines, and offers high quality products.


Specific steel tools to lift hinges.

Developed by BMR for 22mm and 25mm rings, this product is robust, can be customized, and has a secured locking.


Laser centering device

BMR’s Laser centering device has been developed to align different components of parison guidance. The laser has an angle divergence while rotating of about 1 to 2 mrad.


Specific tools

BMR develops and manufactures any type of specific tools for IS machines (crank handle, T keys, gripping keys…)

Sliding table

The BMR sliding table, controlled with push buttons, is easy to use and can measure the sliding angle in order to control heat treatment.

Our device, thanks to its electric cylinder and to the precision of a laser sensor coming with diodes, allows to put items as close as possible and to detect right when they start sliding, even with the lightest and the smallest of items.


Charpy impact test machine

Developed by BMR, this machine tests the resistance of a glass bottle by hitting it with its pendulum hammer. This device, thanks to its graduated wheel, is not only precise, but also economic and easy to use.


Test bench

This bench is used to test every solenoid valve from a glass producing machine.


Greasing table

BMR can design and manufacture customized greasing tables on demand.


Solenoid valve control panel

This system allows the transformation of a pneumatic on-off control into a proportional control system. Application example: precise control of the punch rise.


Sentinel system

Assist IS machines operators and alerts them to any anomalies that could lead to a fire.


Multisens 81 – Inductive sensor tester

This device is used in the glass industry to display the curve described by the cylinder punch during a full glass cycle. It also shows the link between the weight control box and the section. 


Customized fluid plate realisation.


DCX – detection counter

Used to count items, detect jamming and articles that are either stuck or layed down. Unlike all sensors of the market, it doesn’t work with a detection threshold setting.