Conception and manufacture of parts, full systems and tools.

BMR studies, develops and manufactures parts, full systems and tools that are fully adapted to every specific characteristic of its customers.

Design parts to optimize industrial activities

Studying and designing parts has become one of the most important activities of BMR. As the industry is constantly evolving, it is important for companies to be at the cutting edge of technology. It is to support those companies that BMR, since its creation, studies, designs, and manufactures innovative parts and full systems.

Our parts

BMR studies, designs, and manufactures its own parts. BMR parts are first and foremost studied then designed by our Glass and PET specialist engineers. They are specifically designed to adapt to every specific characteristic of our customers.

Those parts are then manufactured by our specialized technicians in our workshops.

Those top-quality parts allow our customers to reduce maintenance costs and machine downtimes.

Our full systems

BMR offers full systems to help our partners in their processes. Those full systems are designed to be fully adaptable to the needs of each and everyone. Our systems can be installed on-site and on demand by our technicians. You can find all our full systems on our catalogue.

Our tools

BMR also designs and manufactures tools to facilitate tasks that are sometimes difficult to operate.

As always, those tools can be adapted on demand to improve their performances.

BMR also designs specific tools on demand.